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On October 17, 2012, in Tablet, Technology, by Blair Stover

Blair Stover reports that the market is eating up 7-inch tablets. This presents stiff competition for the 10-inch iPad, by Apple. Although iPad currently leads the tablet segment of the market, it is speculated that Apple may release a smaller iPad version to tighten up the competition with Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7. Would this mean the end of the 10-inch iPad?

Robust growth has been seen in the media tablet market. The emergence of the 7-inch tablets has played a huge part in this growth. This year, table shipments are expected to reach 126.6 million.

This is an overall annual increase of 56 percent. While the largest piece of the market in the 9.x-inch segment, iSuppli speculates the 7.x-inch tablet may end up eroding a substantial share of the 9.x-inch tablet market.

This trend is also being analyzed by E-Commerce Times, which reports that the 7-inch tablet is a smaller percentage of the whole market, but is the portion of the market that is growing the most rapidly. E-Commerce Times speculates that the 7-inch will not overtake the dominant position in the tablet market. However, it does predict it will become very close.

At this time, the 9.x-inch tablet remains the clear dominant market. At this time, 74.3 million units, which is 59% of overall tablet display shipments are anticipated to be 9.x models. A 35 percent rise in shipments is expected over last year’s 55.2 million units.  The 7.x-inch tablet shipments are expected to almost double their 20.8 million shipments of 2011.

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